Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Poetry: To Heartache

I should probably let you go,
Find someone new,
Someone to give you their heartache,
To shed you their tears,
and wallow in sadness with.
But I'm finding it hard to break.
Perhaps in fear,
Or perhaps in my own insecurities
I let you stay,
Believing that if I lose you,
I might lose that one fragment of happiness
That had once made me content:
That smile, that kiss, the look that once said 'forever',
Now, a lingering memory.
I know I shouldn't dwell,
And most times I'm fine,
Most times there is no regret, not remorse,
No thought as to what had been.
But sometimes when alone
sitting, laying, standing in the midst of silent thoughts
I find you there, resilient and unwavering.
And unable to think, knowing of what to do,
I sink into your arms
and begin to cry.

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