Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poetry Prompt: Write A Love Letter between two unrelated inanimate objects

A Love Letter from the Sharpee Pen to the Wall Clock. 

They told me I didn’t have a chance,
That you were waiting for a true love
That woould love your every second, every minute,
Every hour of your day.
They told me you were longing
For someone to hold your hands as time ticked away,
Someone to have forever with and share whatever may pass our way.
They discouraged us, warned us
 Saying we’re too different, you and I
That I am just one boring monotonous color,
That you’re always a little late,
And that I wasn't the  one to set you right.
But  I don't care.
With time by my side, I have nothing to fear,
Even if my time should come and I should die
 I swear, for you , my love,
My love will never run dry.
Because baby, I can tell you, when I first saw your face,
Your perfectly round face with its perfect curve numbered all around,
My heart stopped and time stood still,
And right then I knew I wanted to spend my life
Treating you like the timeless piece that you are.
I swear you won’t regret it, nor will you forget it. 
This love is permanent and true, bold and in erasable;
 I’m not going away.
I will be right here.... waiting
Waiting for you to give me the time of day. 

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